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Paints & Inks
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Paints & Inks
Mirror Effect Coating
  Suitable for PC, PS and Acrylic product such as TV, Computer, DVD, mobile phone and etc.

UV Curable Top Finishes
  Suitable on the application of ABS, AS, PC and PVC substrates directly or as an top coat on the silver basecoat.
UV Offset Printing Ink
  Suitable for different types of printing paper, aluminum/paper laminate, polymer/paper laminate, PVC film, PET film and other non-absorptive substrates.
Two Pack PU Paint
  Suitable for ABS,POM,Nylon & metal substrates.
Alcohol Resistance Paint
  Suitable for PC, PS and Acrylic product such as TV, Computer,DVD, mobile phone and etc.

Soft Touch Feel Paint
  Suitable for the application on ABS substrates such as cell phone, hair dryer, mouse and etc.
Waterborne Coating

Substitution of Solvent Based Paint with same effect and properties on the application of ABS, PVC and SBS substrates and yet more environmental friendly.

Toys Coating
  Wide range of products on the application of different kind of plastics which target on toy products.
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